You're a 20-something woman who's cut a deal with your wealthy aunt: You get to come up with a dish to serve at her latest dinner party, and bring a sample to her for tasting. If she likes it? Not only will she let you cater the whole event, she'll fund your rental of a commercial kitchen space and give you some money to get an actual business started!

It's weird to say, since it's only a dream you've had for the last year or so, but this is a dream come true! Except for one- okay three- small details... the deadline for the taste test is coming up, you're stuck in your small kitchen with limited tools, and you're not totally sure what to cook...


  • Approximations of real-life recipes!
  • A wealthy aunt who's willing to throw money at you!
  • Your own apartment and a girlfriend to share it with!
  • A cat! Maybe? There's no cat in the story, but you can imagine there's one if it'll make you feel better. It's your headcanon.

Created for My First Game Jam Summer 2017

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