IWYD: Devlog 1

So... hi! First time making a devlog for a project, but I thought it would be worthwhile to get this stuff down!

This is my current project for My First Game Jame: Winter 2018. It Weighs You Down is made through Bitsy, and is about... well, it's another personal game this time around, taking the optional theme of "memories" and looking at the memories of toxic, hurtful people in your life, and deciding whether or not to let them go. I promise my next one is gonna be a little cheerier, and probably about a cat. Or cats!

I kind of got... REALLY into working with the program, and created the bulk of the game in a couple hours. So I'd say I'm already at, like, 90% completion? What I want to do is take at least the rest of the week and make another pass at some of the text, make the themes a little clearer, and maybe get a couple of people to look and make sure the colour schemes for some rooms aren't too eye-confusing, and then we should be good to go!

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